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Product Description

Australia's FIRST Skin Needling Pen with LED  


Why Choose CosmedIQ™️ NEW Epen?

- TGA approved

- FDA Approved

- 500 seconds of LED delivers a clinical outcome during the treatment

- RED, BLUE, GREEN LED available

- 12 x 32 gauge surgical stainless steel tapered needles

- Adjustable needle speed & depth feature

- Powerful RPM piston creating even torque for smooth gliding across skin

- 6 different speeds of RPM ranging from 7000 RPM to 15000 RPM

- Teflon gear seal to prevent fluid transfer into the body of the pen

- Reach clinical endpoints faster than other competitive brands

- Trade-in pricing is welcome

- 12 months warranty

- Training provided

- CosmedIQ has a range of specially formulated sterile, preservative-free ampoules to target specific skin concerns.

CosmedIQ LED-Pen

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