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Product Description

Body smoothie with exceptional nourishing properties and a velvety texture. It is perfect for all skin types, even a very dry skin, exposed to the damaging effects of external factors (sun, wind, cold). The presence of pistachio oil, rich in essential fatty acids and almond oil, provides protection against the free radicals, softens the skin and reduces irritation. Shea butter – a natural source of vitamins A, E and F, protects the skin and repairs its lipid barrier, as well as restores the appropriate level of hydration and revitalizes. A velvety texture allows active ingredients to quickly and thoroughly penetrate into the skin. The smoothie instantly regenerates and smoothes the skin, eliminating its exfoliation and cracking. It wraps the body in an entrancing, pistachio aroma, restoring the feeling of comfort.

Glamour Body Pistachio Smoothie

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